Massage Magic

The Perfect Gift for Her

- Make your partner feel incredibly grateful to have you

- Build deep intimacy with a gift that you keep on giving

- Relieve her pain, stress, and tension on command

- Save thousands every year by not having to buy massages

- Receive sublime massages from her in return

What's Included:

1. A complete list of everything you need to give a professional level full body massage, along with links to recommended products that I personally use

2. The core massage tutorial that will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to give a great massage. I literally do this same routine for 90% of my clients who pay me $100/hr. It's a time-tested routine. So, anytime your partner needs some TLC, she will think of you first, and eagerly await your magic hands to caress and soothe every inch of her body

3. How to give a sensual massage. Give her a luxurious experience that will melt her into the table. This is a soothing and invigorating type of massage that will stir up sexual energy and fuel her desire for more of your touch. This is pure indulgence

Bonus: How to give a pro quality shoulder massage. You don't need a massage table to take care of your woman. Even 2 minutes on the go is enough to make her incredibly grateful that you're with her. Learn how to give her the TLC she needs without destroying your thumbs or tiring out too soon


If you don't get the results you're looking for, then I don't deserve your money

​Simply respond to the confirmation email for a full refund


Ask Stressor Professor basic questions by responding to the confirmation email. If you need specialized attention, you can book a video coaching session


A quick Google search of "Omni Massage & Guidance" will reveal dozens of 5-star reviews over my 16 years of massage practice. You'll receive rave reviews like these from your woman. Here are just a few:

"Excellent magic hands" - Lillian Clark

"Alekzandr was amazing. He knew exactly what to do to help with all my pain. I would highly recommend him to family and friends." - Dallas Souder

"I had my 5th session with Alekzandr today and he is amazing! Stress and knots love living in my shoulders and constantly cause tension headaches or worse migraines. Alekzandr is able to work them all out while still leaving me feeling relaxed. He is very professional, easy to talk to and truly gifted at his craft. Highly recommend 100%!!!" - Lacey Brown

"Highly recommend Alekzandr. He fixed back trigger point pain in just a few sessions. Very relaxing, calming, and effective technique" - Douglas

"Easily the best massage Ive ever received. Alekzandr genuinely and deeply cares about the art of massage and human anatomy and if you have specific areas you need worked on, he will be sure to take care of it." - Kevin Lin

The Art of Sensual Massage

The best way to warm a woman up for deep intimacy is to fill her entire body with comfort, relaxation, and pleasure

When she surrenders herself to you, allowing vulnerability by laying down, with eyes closed, and nothing but a sheet between you, this sends signals to her brain that she can trust you, because you're being a source of safety and support for her

This opens her up to you. Provide an amazing massage that gives her goose bumps, and she will want more...

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